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Welcome to the Coroners Court of Victoria

The Coroners Court of Victoria is located at 65 Kavanagh Street, Southbank. This is where the majority of inquests are held.

The Coronial Admissions and Enquiries office is also located at 65 Kavanagh Street, Southbank. This is where people are brought into the care of the coronial jurisdiction for the initial stages of a coronial investigation, including any medical examinations a coroner may require.

The court is committed to serving the people of Victoria by discharging its duty in a sensitive, courteous and professional manner.

The cornerstone of this service is respect for:

  • the dignity of the person who has died
  • the family and friends of the deceased person
  • a process aimed at assisting family and friends to understand what happened and why.

This website will help you become familiar with the role of the Coroners Court of Victoria and provide some information about the coroner's investigation process.


Media Release 6 February 2018

The Court is pleased to announce the appointment of new Coroner Darren Bracken, by the Attorney-General Martin Pakula.
Please read the full media release published here


Media Release 21 January 2017 - Victorian State Coroner to investigate Melbourne CBD Tragedy

The Victorian State Coroner, Judge Sara Hinchey will immediately begin a coronial investigation into the tragedy that occurred in Melbourne's CBD on Friday, 20 January 2017.

Victorian State Coroner to investigate CBD Tragedy - Media Release 21 January 2017


Transport of Deceased Persons – Outcome of Metropolitan Melbourne Request for Tender

Following an industry consultation, a robust open Request for Tender (RFT) process was released by the Coroners Court of Victoria (CCOV) for Transport of Deceased Persons services. This commenced on 1 July 2015 and was advertised in the Herald-Sun, and also made available via

The objective of conducting an RFT process was to ensure a consistent approach to Transport of Deceased Persons services across the state, improving on the timeliness and quality of services to support bereaved families and the broader community.

After a rigorous tender process, St John Ambulance (Victoria) was awarded the tender on the merits of their submission.

As of 1 September 2016, St John Ambulance (Victoria) Pty Ltd replaced the existing deceased transport services provided by John Allison Monkhouse. Moving forward, regional repatriation will only be conducted by St John Ambulance (Victoria).

The services of the new contract include:

  • The removal, preparation for transport and transportation of deceased persons from the place of death (within Metropolitan Melbourne and Yarra Ranges Shire) to the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) mortuary on behalf of the CCOV.
  • The repatriation of deceased persons from the VIFM mortuary to a nominated regional funeral home on behalf of the CCOV.Repatriation will occur for any deceased persons whose usual place of residence is in regional Victoria.

Please contact the CCOV if you require an updated Release Authority Form which provides contact details for St John Ambulance (Victoria), to assist in the coordination of the repatriation of deceased persons to the family’s nominated funeral home.

The benefits of the new contract with St John Ambulance (Victoria) include:

  • Seven new vehicles have been acquired and fully fitted to meet high volume, around the clock demands of the transport and repatriation of deceased persons.
  • Improved service delivery through its logistical capability and utilisation of a modern communication and coordination centre.
  • Greater insight into service performance and future improvements from its demonstrated contract management and performance reporting capabilities.
  • The Supplier is a self-funded charity which provides significant community benefit.

It should be noted that the contracted services do not include transport of deceased persons from regional areas to CCOV as this is part of a separate tender process which is currently being evaluated.

If you seek further clarification, please email: