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Coroners Court Time Standards

On 1 January 2015, the Coroners Court of Victoria introduced a number of time standards for deaths reported after that date, to ensure coronial investigations are completed in timely manner.

Coronial Investigations

Not every death reported to a coroner is the subject of an inquest (public inquiry).  However, regardless of whether an inquest is held or not, a coroner must conduct a coronial investigation into reportable and reviewable deaths.  Inquests are mandatory in respect of certain categories of death. 

Inquest findings

Where a coronial investigation involves an inquest, the investigating coroner is expected to complete the finding within 6 months of receipt of the last submissions, or in the absence of submissions, within 12 months after the conclusion of the evidence.

Natural Cause Deaths

Where a coroner determines that an investigation into a death should not continue because it was due to ‘natural causes’ the matter is expected to be finalised within 30 days.

Coronial investigations where there is no inquest

Coronial investigations vary in complexity. Most investigations are completed without the need for an inquest.

In cases where there is no inquest, a coroner is expected to complete a written finding within 90 days of the coroner directing that the matter requires no further investigation.


Note: For further information about inquests, please refer to the information document “Guidance on when inquests are held”.