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Objecting to an Autopsy

The senior next of kin has the right to object to an autopsy being performed.

If you intend to object to an autopsy for religious, cultural or other reasons, you will need to put your objection in writing addressed to the court, stating your reasons.

The written objection must be made within 48 hours of a coroner ordering that an autopsy be performed. The autopsy will not go ahead during this time.

The coroner will take your concerns into account and our staff will notify you of the coroner’s decision.

If, after receiving your objection, the coroner decides an autopsy should still be performed you can apply to the Supreme Court for an order preventing it.

You will need to do this within 48 hours of being notified that your objection has been refused.

You should seek legal advice and assistance if you want to make a Supreme Court application.