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Our people

To deliver the best services possible to Victorian families, the court works closely with other courts and organisations. A strong culture of collaboration enables the court to meet our obligations while making good decisions for the benefit of the community. The court sits within the governance structure of Court Services Victoria, an independent statutory body. As a member of the Courts Council, the state coroner directs the strategic and operational performance of the court and its staff. The court is accountable to the community through the Parliament of Victoria.

More than 100 staff members support the coroners in their independent investigations and manage the administration of the court.

The Coroners

The role of the coroners is to investigate certain deaths and fires to find out the identity of the person who died, the cause of death or fire and, in some situations, the circumstances surrounding the death or fire.

The Court

Every death and fire reported to us and investigated by a coroner is unique. Our court is made up of several areas that enable us to fully investigate the death or fire during every stage of the coronial process.