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Inquests & findings

Victoria’s coroners independently investigate about 6500 deaths and fires every year.

Even if the cause of the death or fire seems clear, it is important for the coroner to determine exactly what happened through investigation. This includes:

  • the identity of the person who has died
  • the cause of the death or fire
  • how the death or fire occurred.

The investigating coroner will also consider whether anything could be done differently to help prevent similar events. This will inform any recommendations as part of their finding.

An inquest is not held for every death. Inquests are held for a small number of investigations, typically less than five percent per year.

Court Hearings

Coroners Court of Victoria hearings are generally open to the public. Hearings are generally held at the Coroners Court of Victoria in Melbourne unless otherwise noted.


Coroners' written findings are published when an inquest has been held, recommendations have been made, or a coroner orders that they are published. Search for coroners' written findings.


An inquest is a public hearing into a death or a fire.

The investigation process

Coroners investigate all reportable deaths, all reviewable deaths, and fires that are reported and in the public interest.

Orders and Rulings

A coroner may make an order or ruling regarding an investigation or during an inquest. Search for an find orders and rulings relevant to cases.

2017 Bourke Street Inquest

Information about the Inquest into the January 2017 Melbourne Bourke Street event.