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Reviews and appeals

You may apply to the court to reopen an investigation, or set aside a coroner’s finding or decision.

Please contact us first to discuss any concerns you have about the outcome of an investigation.

Setting aside a finding and reopening an investigation

Any person may apply to the court for an order that some or all the findings of a coroner be set aside. You can make an application by completing Form 43 - Application to set aside findings form and submit to the court.

The court can set aside some or all of the findings and order that an investigation be re-opened if a coroner is satisfied that there are new facts and circumstances and it is appropriate to do so.

If the coroner determines not to reopen the investigation, you may appeal to the Supreme Court of Victoria within three months of that refusal.

Alternatively, a person with sufficient interest in the investigation or an interested party has the right to appeal directly to the Supreme Court of Victoria against the findings of a coroner within six months from the date of the findings.

Last updated on 18 Apr 2024