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New report shows suicides continued to rise in Victoria in 2023

A slight elevation has been observed in annual Victorian suicide figures a new coronial report shows, with 801 Victorians dying by suicide in 2023, compared to 761 in 2022. 

The findings are presented in the Coroners Court 2023 Annual Suicide Data Report, which includes the first release of full year Victorian coronial suicide data for 2023 along with comparative annual data back to 2019. The report also contains demographic information including age, gender and location. 

From 2019 to 2021 the number of suicides in Victoria was relatively steady with increases in 2022 and 2023.

Key findings include:

  • Suicide frequencies remain higher amongst males than females (71.9% male, 28.1% female). However, the increase in overall number of suicides in 2023 was more pronounced in females (24 more than in 2022) than males (16 more than in 2022). 
  • For men, the age groups of 35–44 (20.8%), 45–54 (18.8%) and 25–34 (18.2%) were most at risk.
  • For females the age groups aged 35–44 (21.3%), 25–34 (20%) and 45–54 (18.2%) were the highest risk groups.  
  • Consistent with previous years’ data, frequencies of suicides are higher in Metropolitan Melbourne (65%) compared to Regional Victoria (35%). 

In Victoria all suspected suicides must be reported to the Court for investigation. 

Most of the deaths recorded in 2023 remain under investigation by coroners to understand the circumstances of these deaths along with opportunities for suicide prevention initiatives. 

In addition to investigating individual deaths, the Court monitors and regularly shares data with State and Commonwealth governments to inform their work in suicide prevention.

This data is sourced from the Victorian Suicide Register (VSR). Maintained by the Court, the VSR is the state’s most accurate real-time database on suicides - with newly reported deaths reviewed daily to identify and record those occurring in circumstances consistent with suicide.

Quotes from Acting State Coroner Paresa Spanos

“It is troubling to see so many Victorians continue to lose their lives in these circumstances”.

“Suicide is a complex issue, driven by a range of stressors and open conversations are an important part of prevention”.

“The Court’s focus remains on sharing coronial information publicly - to increase awareness and support targeted prevention approaches in the community, across government and the mental health sector”. 

A copy of the report can be accessed at: 

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