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Request a fire be investigated

Under the Coroners Act 2008, a coroner must investigate a fire after receiving a request to investigate from the Country Fire Authority or Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board, unless the coroner determines that the investigation is not in the public interest.

A coroner can investigate a fire, regardless of whether a person has died. Coroners investigating fires must find, if possible:

  • the cause of the fire (how it started)
  • the origin of the fire (where it started)
  • the circumstances of the fire

Reporting a fire

Any person can request a coroner to investigate a fire. A request can be made by completing a Request to Investigate a Fire form including the details of the fire and reasons why the coroner should investigate.

The coroner may refuse to investigate a fire. If the coroner decides not to investigate they will provide written reasons to the person or organisation making the request.

Investigating a fire

The court has established a number of processes that allow different areas of the court, and those organisations who provide services to the court, to work together to investigate appropriately throughout the various stages of the coroner’s inquiry.

Find out more about the fire investigation process.

Last updated on 27 Nov 2018